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Collection: Hotties in Speedos

  • Posted by sambag on May 8, 2013

Swimmers, Surfers, Divers, Water Polo Players…

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4 thoughts on “Collection: Hotties in Speedos”

  1. Someone stole #5’s armpit hair.

    Someone also stole the cocks and balls from #12, #14, the guy on the right in #16, and maybe others.

    1. Burghprof– please stop giving negative comments… men are sexy from so many other physical aspects…not just in the speedo area..(sigh)..I am sure other people enjoy watching these men in action..

  2. I feel weird objectifying the guy who looks like he is dying in #7. Looks like hes getting CPR from a lifeguard or the guard is checking for a pulse…I could be wrong though.

  3. #7 seems to be doing a CPR drill, he’s checking if the guys breathing actually, one of the first steps to CPR. I doubt anyone would take a pic of someone actually receiving CPR!


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