Dear Sambag,

It’s weird it’s like he’s okay with our relationship as long as he’s the “dominant male” and I’m the “woman” and his family treat me the same – with our appearances it’s easy to guess that he is the top and I’m the bottom as I’m softer, a little shorter and less muscular but I’m not feminine, I’m just not very masculine either. He’s very stereotypically masculine, and I think he low-key doesn’t like being gay.

It’s just things like he always opens doors for me, he always pays for everything, he goes out and works and I stay at home and play the housewife role (I’m at college too), his friends are all straight males and he always keeps them separate from me and my friends (I’ve met them and I’m friendly with them but it’s like I’m a guy too, I can go out for a beer too, my only interests aren’t just going shopping, like for real?) He also is very vocal about what I wear and says I’m not allowed to wear short shorts, not allowed to be topless, and he always has a problem with me going out at night. Also at family events, I’m always with his female family members while he is always with his male family members. And he exclusively tops and doesn’t do anything else which is boring and honestly he’s not really pleasing me in bed like I’m pleasing him and it’s not fair (although I’m too shy to say this to him). Also, he always gets the final say in everything, every decision.

We’ve been together for 2 years and his dad wants us to get married and always talks about it. I love my boyfriend very very much but honestly I don’t think I could spend forever like this.

I’m 23 and he’s 28 btw.


Dear Drew,

Talk. To. Him. If he doesn’t want to show you the respect you give him, you should leave.

Seriously, if marriage is being discussed and you can’t even talk to him about how you feel is a GIANT red flag. Step up, you deserve to get what you want too, man.

But I’ll stop there and let our readers weigh in. Please share your advice in the Comments below.

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Dear Sambag, It's weird it's like he's okay with our relationship as long as he's the 'dominant male' and I'm the 'woman' and his family treat me the same - with our appearances it's easy to guess that he is the top and I'm the bottom as I'm softer, a...